Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors

Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors

free-shipping1Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors

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Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors

The lines, curves, angles and texture of the industrial modern furniture movement is inspiring. The chairs, stools, tables and other pieces of furniture compliment so many different types of spaces, it is hard not to resist. However, as appreciators of this style of furniture, we noticed one downside, that comfort isn’t always at the forefront.

What we call a ‘rounded back’ cushion fits atop most chairs and cushions with the 7 hole drill pattern (1 in the middle, 6 in a circle). The cushion fits perfectly into the inset of the seat, and by using velcro as the fastening method, we have allowed for 100% non-toxic foam to comfort you, and prevent that chilly-chair sensation. The chairs make your space, the cushions add the touch.


Tolix Chair Cushions 6 Colors

Square or Rounded Cushions, Available in 6 Colors
We have spent years refining our product to achieve maximum comfort, coupled with the trendiest colors to compliment your space.

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Real Stories From Our Real Customers

Willing to negotiate on our large order

My wife and I really wanted these chairs for our new restaurant and after some negotiations the sales team was able to make it happen for us on budget!

Alex Bartolo BARTOLO’S


We trust TBD on our Largest projects!

TableBaseDepot is a trusted supplier to our Largest clients, such as Atlanta Live and Texas Live Stadium venues. A high pressure project they delivered.

Patrick Restaurant Concepts

Project Atlanta Live

Super Job Guys!

I try and always work with table base depot when I can they really know there stuff when it comes to complex restaurant and bar projects.

Anna Schmidt Designer

Project Disney World

Made our Grand opening incredible!

With our recent opening of Marlborough Tavern the TableBaseDepot guys were there for us every time we called or emailed.

Evan Marlborough Tavern

Project Marlborough Tavern

Saved the day!

We cant thank the table base depot team enough for when we ordered the wrong sizes tables by mistake they organized a quick turn around for us!

La Calenda Restaurant - Gabriella

Project La Calenda Restaurant